'92 Jeep YJ (Jurassic Build)


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Jul 29, 2022
Stockbridge, Ga
Thank you so much~ now if the heat wave would just ease up a bit, might get it on the road again! ;)

It has been pretty toasty. I get mine out on the weekends, doorless and topless. My issue besides the heat are these heavy rain pop ups out of no where. It does cool me off, but when I get to where I am going, it looks like I am wearing a diaper. :rolleyes::ROFLMAO:


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Aug 22, 2022
Los Angeles
While scouring the United States Craiglslist in evey city looking for the Sahara seats, a fella on the Jurassic forum said he had everything that I need~ he's a jurassic nut. So, I bought just about everything from him: All correct seats, factory used carpet, radio, fog lights(front and rear), center console, etc.

This was his picture and I knew there was going to be a lot of cleanup and repairs.
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The carpet, I spray it with spray n wash, then pressure washed it and allowed it to dry~ it came out good, or better than expected.
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The seats were filthy, but I'm not complaining, but I repaired this first and the seat foam beneath it. I then removed all seat upholstery and washed each in a large sink of warm soapy water followed by a cold rinse and allowed to air dry.
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Wasn't long I had all pieces in place and looked really nice!!
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The original seat back bags were in very poor shape, so I made some new ones and they came out really nice;)
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I did have my wheels sandblasted and I'll get to them next week, so painting the red parts should be next week, or soon I should say!
getting there;) However I have enjoyed the journey!
Can you tell me what you did for that side seat repair? How did you find the fabric/color match? Most jeeps with this interior are destroyed or have splitting like this and would love to know where you sourced the materials from...many thanks!
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Aug 20, 2022
Sorry, went to be earlier than usual last night~ Spitfires are a cute little car~ mine is a '73 Triumph TR6, but I transplanted a '99 Miata engine/trans with a Nissan differential. Basically a Miata with a TR6 body! ;) What are your plans for your Wrangler? ;)
dne' ;)

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I know this is a Jeep forum, but that TR6 is beautiful! The British racing green is classic. Great car! * Great posts about your Jeep project too. I'm taking notes as I begin my frame replacement.