New 91 Jeep yj questions


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Nov 5, 2023
I bought a second-hand Jeep YJ, it's in good condition, but I have some questions.
First of all, someone here knows where can I find pieces for my wrangler in Europe because I'm from Spain. However, the most important question is if somebody knows how to clean the windows of my soft top, the windows are practically opaque.
And maybe this last question it's a dump, but I don't have any idea what the thing at the right of the cigarette lighter, look like one of those sunglasses case that are in cars.
Sorry for my English, it's not perfect, but as I said I'm from Spain and it's not my language.
Ash tray. It pulls out partway and there’s some kind of release tab to get it all the way out.

You can clean soft top windows with a mild dish soap and a very soft cloth. However the plastic may be permanently damaged and may not get much clearer.

I usually shop online for parts at RockAuto, quadratec, and Bestop. I don’t know if any of those retailers ship to Europe; you might browse the sister forum ‘’ which definitely has some European users.
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As mentioned above. Ash Tray. Only pulls out part way. There's a tab on top where you would tyipcally "snub" out the cigarette that you can push down and fully remove the ash tray. I've got mine around here somewhere I need to put back in for storage or spare change. When I got my Jeep it was packed full of dirt dauber nests.
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to buy parts for old jeeps use google ~! or name a part you need and ask. ( there are many 3rd party makers of parts now, crown etc)
also there is shop there. (if nothing else see all the 3rd party makers of parts now, )<<< then google those makers and P/N .for closer top home.
then ask them if they ship to you.(whomever)
some will and some will not. or charge huge shipping costs.
buy some plastic polish , in an autostore, none abrasive, good luck, for sure there.
me too, lots of mud dauber nest now gone.
for hornets only kill them at midnight as they sleep.

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