2023 New Year’s Resolution for Your YJ


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May 11, 2021
San Jose, CA
…mine is to get my auto trans working properly, so I can go wheeling again. Currently I can only make it a few miles to go for coffee and no freeway since third gear is gone. What’s your YJ resolution?
To finish dicking around with mine and get it actually back on the road. There's no reason it's not on the road other than my laziness, lack of time, and undertaking too many projects on it at once that have been a beating to wrap back up. Pair with that a messy unorganized garage that I don't want to work in and it keeps mine all taken apart. Hopefully back on the road soon.
Just get it drivable so I can decide what gear ratio that I want to go with in the new axles. But I know that there is a good chance it won’t be along that far by years end. Maybe if I didn’t stop at the Moose lodge and drink beer the rest of the day every time I go out for parts,,,,, NO that’s just crazy talk right there.
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Mission accomplished, I got my auto trans rebuilt this week and the price was great, so great I had the transfer case rebuilt while they were at it. The guy was a pro and I new I was in good hands when i saw a yj cartoon on his business card and shop sign. He is a Marine vet and a total class act!

I am finally ready to hit the trails again after 7 months of waiting! Also, I was able to have them track down the cause of a parasytic battery drain…it was a crusty relay on the firewall that was unused because it was for factory AC.
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Lol. Nope. I did get a lot closer. But nope, not done or on the road. I go in spurts. I’ll go knock a bunch out, then I’ll get tired of it and go back to my truck or something not automotive related. Then I go back for a bit. Hopefully 2024. Really not much left now, but my garage is such a mess that I don’t want to work in there for now. Hopefully some cleaning in the next few weeks and then back to it.

2023 kinda flew by. That didn’t feel like a year.
The key to an organized garage is to throw something away. Start with that gem that you will definitely need some day but haven’t seen in 10 years. After that it’ll be an avalanche of junk going out the door. Be forewarned you WILL need something you just threw away in the near future but a small price to pay for a clean garage.