Amazon and eBay flywheel / clutch combo experience?



Anyone have any first-hand experience w/clutch flywheel combos available on e-bay/Amazon for like $200?
No experience with combos, but I have bought Luk Flywheels and clutches (LFW193 and 05-165 or 05-901) with good results on all of it. Usually use a Mopar throw out bearing but have used the plastic clad Luk once and it went fine for the 20K it was in there.
I agree with Macho on the Luk. Put one in my 91 and it was as always impressed how well it worked and was made. The former China POS lasted 10K miles before the disc springs shattered. Personally Id pass on scamazons bootleg junk parts. Try Rockauto as they offer 2 different Luk kits. One DD kit with slave for $150 or the HD version for $200.
It def seems too good to be true! I'd love to know if anyone ever actually click, shipped, AND PRAYED!
I've had good luck with LUK on other vehicles. I have purchased the LUK combo that Macho mentioned above along with the mopar throwout bearing. Have not installed them yet but that is what I am going with.
rockauto (see the top names(makers)) if you low ball it ,it will fail. (there is no limits on low end junk)
or napa
nothing that ends in zon (auto or ama_
buy local in a brick store is best so if a problem it gets resolved fast not 2 or more weeks.
the Throw out and slave are the COAX slave married. not cheap and pain to fix if leaks.
not said yet if the coax to external slave mod was done?
AX15 box?
the LUC coax slave alone is $100 . so you want $100 kit disk and pressure plate? or exedy
i always look first, omg starter ring gear wrecked
or damage throw out fork parts (non coax type, I can't see your left side of bell, no way)
the pilot bearing bad (fly center bearing , bush or needle type your call)
or worse the AX15 front pinon gear shaft bearing and seal are GONE (BAD)
fixing cars correctly is all about looking and inspecting first. then shop.

the luc kit has the major parts

I pull it and omg what's this oil stuff at front of tranny omg2, the seal is bad, omg3, the bearing is so bad it beats 10 seals to death. oops, stuff happens 30 years run.
or its just that valve cover leaking at the rear
or the rear mains seal is shot. (seems they like to)
we look first. or go broke , doing the job 3 times.
I surely appreciate all the good input. Ordered the LuK from Summit this morning... along with a chrome p/s reservoir.
Maybe I've gone too far! 🤭

so long as she gets me home...
Anyone out there ever deal with Newcomer Racing?
He has some roller rockers, spacer for the valve cover, and other goodies I've on the wish list.