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    15-20 Gallon Fuel Tank Slosh Box Warped

    One more question about the 20 gallon mod, is there a way to adjust the fuel sending arm to get the full tank range?
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    15-20 Gallon Fuel Tank Slosh Box Warped

    Thanks, other than a coating of dust and mud my tank looks very clean and almost new as does the pump. The skid pan is a different story with lots of rust. I think just to keep the costs down I'll try making a support for the walls, plus I already have several square feet of sheet metal.
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    15-20 Gallon Fuel Tank Slosh Box Warped

    I've had a problem with my fuel gauge sticking in different places and have read about the poly slosh box inside the OEM gas tank warping which causes the sending unit float arm to rub or get hung up. I had previously tested the gauge and it works as it should so the problem is at the other end...
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    Can't identify this cable / part

    If everything is stock then you might see the same vent tube and cap coming off the front differential
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    2.5 running warm at driving speeds

    I had the same problem with the thermostat slipping so I put a very very thin dab of sealant on the edge to hold it in place.
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    What does it take to convert non-intermittent wipers to intermittent?

    North of Houston here and without power for 7 hours. 13 was the low today and down to 6 tomorrow. We have the wood stove cooking along and I got the generator connected to the well. I might need to run a cord to the house for power. This whole part of the state is without power now due to...
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    Couple questions about new YJ and engine code

    I have no idea about the carbs or switching them and also don't know what to say about the engine number. I think if the carb is too big you'll lose torque. Is that an open hole in the side of the valve cover?
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    New Old Man

    This forum has a great library of Factory Service Manuals and other helpful documents. You may not find your year model but they really didn't change all that much Link: YJ Resources | Jeep Wrangler YJ Forum Can you weld? I cut out my drivers side floor and welded in a new one.
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    New Old Man

    Looks great! You will find all you questions answered here. Have fun.
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    Air Compressor Safety

    Yes and they don't make it easy for you to do that. I see there's a remote drain valve on a short hose that's available. I'll look into getting one. Years ago I worked at an airport on the coast in Florida and they had a large old outside compressor. The mechanics noticed water shooting...
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    Slave cylinder

    I'm not following what your saying by "Pulling out". I have an internal slave too in my 92 YJ and used the LUK brand when I replaced the clutch.
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    Hard start problem when engine is cold

    You may want to start by checking the fuel pressure at the fuel rail by the injectors. When you shut down the engine the pressure should hold for quite a while, mine dropped only 1 PSI over an hour. If there's a bad check valve in the fuel pump or possible the pressure regulator is bad the...
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    Thinking about buying this Wrangler YJ

    All I can do is identify it as the 4cyl. 2.5L which is the same as mine but has a few different items on it. Good motor as a daily driver but you may be limited if you want to go way off road over big rocks. I've seen those for sale with over 250,000 miles one them and still running strong...
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    Thinking about buying this Wrangler YJ

    Does anyone know that the four vacuum lines are over the fuel injection rail? I don't have those.
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    My 93 Restoration Project

    moved to other thread..