Trouble installing the rubber insulator and clip on a '93 YJ transfer case shift rod.


Mar 1, 2022
Hello all,

I'm having trouble with the installation of a new rubber insulator sleeve and clip that goes on the inside of the transfer case shifter rods square housing. Has anyone successfully installed these ? I've used a little grease hoping it would slide inside with ease (which it does) but it's never seatting correctly. If anyone has had success with getting the 2 pieces mated together and seated inside the housing I'd sure like to know the
I did this last week. I too used a little grease. I found that I was able to get the most downward leverage by putting it in 4L. I had to work at it for about a half hour but it got there eventually.
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I did this a couple weeks ago. I put the insulator and metal clip on, then some silicone grease and worked the shifter down bit by bit.

It helped to move the selector to 4L, then some light taps with the hammer on some channel locks unril full seated on the lock tabs.

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