Re-tubing passenger side Dana 30


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Jun 15, 2023
Washougal Wa 98671
Anybody ever retube a dana 30 to totally eliminate the CAD? I know it's a ton of work for little gain but I'm still interested.
Haven't seen anyone do that.

Considering the tube wouldn't have the proper YJ spring and shock mounts, it seems like the factory XJ HP30 that the TJ guys use would be a better bet, because then you get a factory built housing assembly and can just weld on the spring and shock perches since you'll have to do that either way. Only real benefit to the YJ assembly would be not needign to mess with perches on left side. But I'd rather the XJ housing because then at least you can use a factory Dana right side axle shaft seal instead of needing to use the 11800 hack job seal (works but is weird).
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