Jeep YJ 1995 Need help figuring out what size lift is on.


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Mar 15, 2023
Yakima, WA
Hello guys just recently got this 1995 jeep yj on a trade its a project jeep thinking bout doing a swap on it since its a 2.5l 4cyl but thats for later. I first want to make it road worthy but there are some steering/suspension components that are screwed up. I first want to buy shocks but i dont know what size lift is on the jeep and previous owner is not much help. I tried searching the leaf springs up part number 1-545F-6 superlift suspension but im getting absolutely no luck would anyone know why? the part numbers on shocks come back to some shock called fabtech but it says they are for oem ride height so not sure if he installed wrong shocks. Jeep is on 33sx12.50r15 jeep yj 1.jpg

jeep yj 2.jpg

jeep yj 3.jpg

jeep yj 4.jpg

jeep yj.jpg
01-545F-6 and 01-545R-6 both bring up front and rear Superlift springs. Officially, they are advertised at 3.5" lift, but they look just like a traditional 2.5" lift or so. You want the shocks to be too short, not too long, so factor that in.

Really and truly, you shouldn't buy shocks based on lift height. You should flex out the suspension by stuffing and drooping it and see what measurement you get. That will tell you the range of shock extended and compressed lengths you should shop for.

As for the Fabtech shocks, sounds like the PO bought Superlift springs and Fabtech shocks. Not all that uncommon to mix brands of parts rather than buy a kit.
Okay so this weekend I’ll take te shocks out and jack up the Jeep toll tire is hanging then measure from Mount to mount? Same for rear? And do you get the minimum measurement. Also really don’t do much off-roading etc so what shock would ya recommend