Ignition troubles


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Jan 10, 2023
Hello all, I have a 92 yj, 4 liter. My issue is it isn't consistently starting. The jeep is new to me, I have replaced the starter, ignition switch on the steering column, and the battery. I have gone over all the grounds and just can't get it to turn over. I can start from the starter and once running, it runs fine. It's just getting it to turn over. I haven't tested the CPS but don't think that could be what is going on. There was a toggle switch that I removed and hard wired, thinking it was a hidden starter switch but that did nothing. Other than the idea of having a short in the wiring, I'm kind of at a loss. Anyone else experience this or have any advice?


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May 19, 2020
Dallas, TX
It's a manual. I'm replacing the CPS today. Just don't think that's the cause. If this doesn't work I'll move on to the ignition coil but just not making sense.
don't waste your time on the crank sensor, it will not keep the engine from trying to start. The engine will crank and crank and never start with a bad cps. Or it will shut off when it's running.

Might have a bad starter relay or bad wiring that controls it.
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