Has anyone installed dual batteries?

Not in the jeep, but I've done it in my plow trucks ('73 Jimmy & '91 Bronco)
Depending on why you need dual batteries, there are a couple different ways to wire them up.
Personally, I hook them up in parallel, with an isolation solenoid between them so they're separated when the key is off.
Looks like you can get a dual battery tray from multiple aftermarket vendors.
If you decide to do this, be sure to keep us posted.
Batteries 2.jpg
I am currently. I have found that the tray from a 94 YJ will fit where the vacuum tank used to be on my 88.
You guys and your heated,fancy shops :cool: I wish...I wish....
I'm rockin' an un-insulated metal building with extension cords for power.
However, my buddy Jacob (Journeyman concrete finisher) hooked me up with the smoothest, flatest concrete floor I have ever had the pleasure of rolling around on.
I'm not complaining 😌
Thanks for the insight guys. I just finished my custom dash install and A/C pump to OBA conversion, now onto the battery add!
With dual batteries I added one of these to my boat. Don't know if it's needed in a Jeep but this way you can run the radio or lights all afternoon on one battery and be assured you have a good spare to get started. Good when camping or at the beach. This switch allows you to switch between batteries without worry of frying a diode in the alternator when switching.

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