Brand new YJ tubs


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Aug 24, 2021
Found something yesterday that I thought that I would pass along. I have been looking for new YJ tubs but could never find any other than the MD Juan and they had poor reviews. I have been hoping that a company that I am familiar with would start making some and they are, Real Deal Steel. They are well thought of in the replacement body business mostly classic Chevys, and they are not cheap. I’m not sure how long they have had them available because they are not listed on their main page but you can find them by using the search on the main page. At $4500 they are in the same price range as MD Juan but I am sure the quality is much better. It looks to me like they are assembling them from Key parts panels which is what I am using on mine. I’m not going to order one at this time since I am so far along and mine will probable be leading a rough life anyway. Maybe these are common knowledge and I am just late for the game, but I have never been able to find these before.
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