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    This Jeep hates me

    ok. the old motor was replaced with a rebuilt 4.2 liter, year unknown. this engine was rebuilt years ago, by an unknown shop. (i know...bad idea. was the only one we could find). replaced water pump, thermostat, and radiator. around town, runs fine. i took it out on the open road, and, presto...
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    Why is there so much hate against YJ square headlight Jeeps?

    I think some of the hatred for the square headlights May date back to making them look rather 1980s.
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    Why is there so much hate against YJ square headlight Jeeps?

    Personally, I have never understood the hatred for yj's. I do however, understand some of the contempt. Not for the headlights, not for the wide stance, for the crappy axles they put in them. Past that, I think they're a great little vehicle.
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    Matching YJ color?

    in my sig picture?
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    New member

    Welcome aboard!
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    What size bolts hold the windshield hinge in place?

    Yep, that looks like them. Just order to set. Thank you.
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    What size bolts hold the windshield hinge in place?

    Does anyone happen to know what size bolts hold the windshield hinge in place? I'm missing one on each side, and the creaking it is more than mildly disconcerting.
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    Weighing my options

    yeah....plot thickened....4.0 carbed yard motor near me....may as well find a virgin in las vegas...resisted urge to put in 383 stroker. getting rebuilt 4.2. hoping to have it back in time for the weekend. (not going to happen...i just like to hope) so i can wheel with it.
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    Help me modify my stock YJ

    Looking Sharp!
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    YJ Axles, should I replace them?

    What are you looking to do with the vehicle for the most part? Are you going to be doing mudding? Rock crawling? What type of driving are you going to do?
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    Weighing my options

    well, the good lord was kind enough to help me solve this dilemma. the bottom end is pretty much clapped out. the blow by was particularly heavy. tried the old school bypass trick, and viola~ the blowby was 3 feet. rings are pretty much wasted. 4 liter it is. and, a new radiator, just to deal...
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    Weighing my options

    Whereas cost is something of an factor, I also have to look at Parts availability to a degree. I know the four liter is torqueier than the 4.2. That's part of my issue. The carburetor, that I can replace with something a little more modern. My big thing, is am I going to be picking up that much...
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    WHY? J's (the YJ abomination thread)

    i just threw up a little.
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    Weighing my options

    well, i was going to take my yj wheeling... was. looks like the head gasket blew. (antifreeze surging out of overflow tank, overheating). i let it cool off, and left it parked until the mrs and i got back from the wheeling trip (her jl performs like a trooper). popped the radiator cap, permatex...
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    4k Mile 1993 YJ

    ok....where are you hanging out to find these? retirement community? home of a rich dead jeep collector?