YJ not starting after replacing the carb and putting an HEI in it


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Nov 13, 2023
So, we replaced the carb with a better one from a Chevy. Not exactly sure on the model. But, then put an HEI in it and did the timing and everything, got power and got the tach ran. Now, we’re getting spark, and still won’t run. What could be causing these issues?
NO YJ year told no engine told of many.
we can not see under the hood ,okay? nor read the VIN.

carb float bowl full of fuel. ???? check pump fuel pressure yet? no pump told.
no carb told but if has HS accelerator pump it works and sprays fuel in the carb air horn venturi, to see if fuel is good.
is the choke working?
testing 1,2,3.:

does spray can test fuel work?> if not spark is bad ,weak or timed all wrong. or worse. (engine dead)

YJ means zero to me, only what is there now matters. after up to 37 long hard years.
GM HEI, sure.
does it have a GM engine too?
my wild guess is the BBC carb from Jeep is in the trash? and BBC ECU control mess now gone.
or was 2150 carb.
or had none ever, you deleted TBI? ive no clue.
just guessing wild. was x , now z