Wiring HELP - AW4 from 98 XJ in my 95 heep


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Mar 28, 2021
Yelm, Washington
I will never be confused for someone who thought my build out before I dropped the money. I bought a 97 ZJ 4.0 motor (OBD2), and a 97 XJ tranny (OBD2), to go into my 95 YJ (OBD1) chassis.

Motor is stroked and wires are spliced into 2.5 harness with new pins for #5 and #6. PCM is out of 94 XJ with 4.0.

Won't start...But, I know it won't until I get that tranny wired in. No clue where to start. Looked online for TCM for a 94 AW4 but not sure if they made TCM for OBD1 PCM. My old tranny was an 30RH, and harness plugged right in to it with what appears to be 2 wires.

So am I doomed!? Can I wire in this more complicated tranny with 2 wires?

Thanks for any help!
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