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Sep 3, 2020
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Some folks install a MML to improve the angle of their rear driveline. Would you get the same result by shimming the skid plate at a similar angle? All skid plate spacers are typically the same from front to back using square tubing or round spacers. I was just wondering if it is possible to shim the skid at an angle...Don't burn me too bad--I'm just thinking out loud.
Hi Stoopid Jeep, I'm just wondering if you could progressively space out the transfer case to give the angle you would get from a MML instead of the equal drop from the transfer case drop. In other words, can you space the middle and rear mounts of the transfer case to gain the angle instead of angling the engine? Thanks for your input!
Hi Gilaguy23, thanks for your reply. So, if you lift the engine 1" with a MML, you would get a much smaller change in output angle at the yoke versus lowering the back end of the skid plate by 1", right? I'm picturing the skid plate/t-case mount as a pivot point. It's easy enough to test out the results, but I was just wondering if anyone has tried this before.
A mathematician Im, not so taking into consideration where the mounts are will have an effect on things. Lets say the MM's are as far forward as possible. You'd lift the engine 1" and get 1". If the mounts are to the rear you'd actually raise the front of the engine more than 1" if that makes sense. Say you took a 2x4 and put a block of 1" tall wood at one end. It would raise the end 1". Slide that 1" block to the middle and now that end that was 1" in the air is now like 4" high thus changing the angle of the 2x4. Figures If I cant baffle you with brilliance Id baffle you with BS :), but seriously, thats how it would work. It dosent take much to cause vibes or get rid of them either. Strangely enough it seems no 2 jeeps are the same sometimes in fixing the issue.
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If you lower the back angle wouldn’t that raise the front angle? I have 1” round spacers that came with my 2.5” spring lift.

Hi Bucky, my curiosity centered around the comparison of a 1" motor mount lift versus dropping the back end of the t-case skid plate 1" (or less). In your picture, if you removed the front spacers and shimmed the middle with washers or smaller spacers and kept the rear spacers, wouldn't you still get the same benefit of the decreased output angle, but with (slightly) less belly drag? Since the motor mount would remain in the same location, the angle at the front wouldn't change.