Carbureted YJ sputters only when heat or radio are on

I adjusted the idle by using the idle mixture screw in the carb. If you nudge the distributor to advance (counter clockwise) or retard (clockwise) you should reset the idle bc it will go up or down depending.
Btw - just to round out this thread and help fellow jeepers… my particular situation def had to do with advance. I needed more. I also slightly increased curb idle. I recently put a new starter solenoid in (mine has the CJ-87 solenoid on firewall). It was shot. Since then she fires up way better and runs better overall. Next move is hei ignition upgrade and I’ve rebuilt a motorcraft 2100 that I want to put on by spring. I’m nervous as hell to do all
This stuff bc I’m not handy at all. Good at following directions though. But I love my Jeep.
Reviving this thread. I put a new crt hei distributor in. Pulled the old ign control module and coil too since this is an all in one. Keep started up. Went for drive with timing at 10 btdc. Drives great in 1st and 2nd but bucks a bit and misses in 3rd 4th and 5th. I had the distributor bolt loose enough to adjust and did. Advanced till it smoothed out but when I retimed it the mark was waaay gone. So it seems my timing is retarded. But could my mark be so far off? It shouldn’t be able to run that far advanced. I don’t have an ear for pinging or engine knock and my engine sputters like it’s lugging under heavy loads all the time anyways. So I don’t know. Any advice?
Final report for anyone with a similar problem. Carb swap completely stopped stalling and many hesitation issues. I broke down and took her to my local mechanic bc I still had a miss in 3rd and 4th under heavy acceleration. He found a loose spark wire (I double checked that but nonetheless should’ve triple checked). He found a small vac leak where I had put the adapter on for my carb. He retimed for me and says it’s running much better. I do have one cylinder w low compression but he feels it’s driveable. Anyways just wanted to share
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