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    4.2 Timing and Emissions

    I never could get my 89 to smog in Ca. I’ve had it registered in Az for 20 yrs. I took it to several shops and no one could figure it out. I did not want to keep replacing all the emission sensors or the carb. It runs just fine for me other than the fuel drains down when it sits a few days. Lots...
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    Buying a YJ, what should I expect?

    Welcome to the Jeep owners club. Looks like an unmolested start for a build. Fist off fill out your profile with info on your YJ. Specifics help us in diagnosing issues. What do you mean by it does not run? Basics are fuel, compression and spark. You need to find out witch of the 3 are not...
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    Did they put different transmissions in the Canadian Jeeps?

    My 89 is Canadian also and uses a metric oil filter that’s a pain to source. WIX 51626
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    I have a drive line vibration after 2.5" lift kit installation. what can I do to eliminate this problem?

    On my 89 I installed a 2.5” Rough Country spring lift. It came with a transfer case drop and springs. No shims. It’s been going for 20+ years without any driveline issues or modifications.
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    Where can I purchase a new wiring harness for my 94 YJ?

    Painless Wiring has them. Warning: painless in name only when you see the cost of a set.
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    Seat belt help

    15” end to center of bolt cover. 16” total length end to end. On my 89.
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    Is it normal for my YJ to not want to exceed 50 mph?

    Your YJ is geared to tall for those sized tires. Someone just slapped on big tires and did not change the stock gearing. My 89 has a 5 speed with 4:10 gears and I run 31s with no problem getting to freeway speeds. Time to start going down the Jeep rabbit hole and upgrade your gears. The problem...
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    Is it normal for my YJ to not want to exceed 50 mph?

    What’s your rpm at 50mph?
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    Just Jeep Things

    That’s what my wife does anytime I do anything fun. Then she complains that she has to hike back to the jeep afterward.
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    Trouble shoot assistance

    Have you called the manufacturer for help?
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    Main cluster issues with specific indicator lights

    Run a 12v tester on the plug to see if you have power there. If so the issue is in the Circuit board. Check the plug on that side. On the that board it looks easy to trace the runs with the tester. Make sure you put some fingernail polish over the areas you scrap off with the tester. If you...
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    What type of welder?

    Yes I’ve used it to make short aluminum welds. The lead must be kept as straight as possible and I put on a new tip.The wire does jam once in while but it gets the job done. The down side is that I need to switch to a tank of Argon gas. I bought the 140 used and it came with standard gas and...
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    Tire pressure

    I run 15-20lbs on my 31s 10lbs in the dunes. I’ve never lost a bead.I put on a Tough Country 2.5” lift 20+ years ago on my 89 and am very happy with it. The front track bar went in the rafters after the lift. I’ve towed it before and after the lift and saw no difference. The Tough Country...
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    What type of welder?

    I have a Hobart 140 and a 230. I started with the 140 which works good for 1/4” or less. I can weld aluminum with it but need to make sure that the hose is kept straight and you will need a separate tank of Argon gas. The main down side of the 140 or any 110v welder is the limited settings...
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    I tried to hook up with a local Jeep club

    I’ve ridden with a couple of unofficial Jeep groups. They always seem to have some guy who thinks he knows it all and is the “Trail Boss” but is just a control freak. For most it’s just a reason to drink Coors Light. Also I’ve had some who wanted to inspect my Jeep and contents to see if I was...