Head bolt coolant leak


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Dec 20, 2021
I swapped my radiator and now I'm almost positive head bolt 14 by the firewall is leaking coolant. I put sealant on the head bolt and taped the temp sending unit and it's still leaking in the back drivers side corner. It's not the heater hose that connects from the manifold to the firewall. What would you do next?

How loose was the temp sender when you screwed it in? To me its a bit off that it was able to be screwed in as far as it is, basically bottomed out. S/U's with brass threads typically dont need tape and often deter the grounding of the unit. Ive had a few dodge trucks that had exhaust mani bolts onto the coolant passages, but never a head bolt thru one. Theres always a first though.
I'd change the sending unit and cinch it down with a 1/4 inch drive socket. If the leak persists, I'd check into some of this....
Seen the guy's on Roadkill use it a few times....

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