Unconventional Wheel question


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Mar 17, 2023
Bakersfield, Ca
Hello! I recently acquired a 93 2.5 Jeep. Im completely new to the Jeep scene but am well versed in turning a wrench and have built a couple mustangs from the ground up, so im not too green in regard to DIY. The jeep I acquired is completely stock and has been in a warehouse for 10 years per the original owner. Long story short is I got the jeep running and it is now mine. It is rust free, straight, and simply in need of some TLC. Now, I plan on daily driving the Jeep with the occasional trip to Pismo Beach. I dont plan on rock crawling or anything like that, just simply a fun summer vehicle. Now my question/intention may offend some, but i could not find a straight answer so i apologize in advance. I know a lot of people in here run a 15 or 16 inch wheel, but I would like to either use a 17 or 18 inch wheel. Ive read that on a stock suspension 31 inches is the max one should go, so Im comfortable with that. I may put a 2 inch lift later in the year, if the mod bug hits (more than likely). Now, on a 17/18 inch wheel, id like to run something fairly low profile for you guys, either a 50 or 55 series tire and wide enough for the tire to stick out the fender (255/265?). What offset would achieve this without any rubbing? All the info I have found pertains to running a 15 or 16 inch wheel, but like I said, Im doin something a little unconventional. Any help is greatly appreciated. I will post pics of before and after every step of the way!