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Apr 12, 2021
Q town New Mexico
Some opinions please.
Ive never bought designated mud tires, only AT's for my 4x4's. Winters here are -10 to +20 in the am. Snow or ice on the roads, maybe plowed, maybe not with likely no more than 12" new snow. My needs. The official Firewood gathering vehicle that pulls a 5x10 ute trailer. The roads. Graveled Forest roads in good shape typically, trails will be primitive, muddy and rocky. The occasional run to town for fuel or groceries. Gas is a 30 mile trip on curvy paved roads, groceries are 120 mile round trip on a 2 lane 65 mph highway. My questions. I realize tires with more siping are good for ice like a AT has. So just how bad would a designated mud tire be on the same roads?
Ive tossed the 2 sets of tires around but frankly am to lazy to swap them every few weeks between snow weeks and then weeks of sunny dry. Recon I'll go with my gut thought of AT's again.
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the question is about 2 things, traction and safety
how you do that is your call, costs and say not inconvenient.
there is no 1 tire on earth made to do what you asked. (if you find it , we both get rich, GRIN)
run the A/T is the answer. sure;.
but in mud, they fail.
do what is most safe driving fast.
off road is slow and safe for most 4wd guys.
or ask any tire shop , anywhere. they may have something. and is complex moving target now, like 100+ brands of tires, now, sorry not simple today.
there are also sticky tires sold, that wear out faster but , omg stick to the road, just like street motor cycles run. now.
like leather shoes are to gum rubber sneakers.