Spring Over Lift


New Member
Feb 4, 2024
Camilla Ga.
Good after team, New member here & thanks for the add. I’m currently installing a Spring over lift on my 95 Sahara. The current lift will not clear the 35s to my satisfaction. Scrubs here in there, front & rear. It came with a 4” leafs, 2” lift shackle in front & 1.5 in rear.
- Im going back with Spring over, 1.5 rubicon leaf springs & 1. 25 boomerang shackles & a slip yoke. I’m hoping that the drop arm, break lines and all from the previous lift will work.
you guys have any pointers from past experience? I know a spring over has to be done correctly or you can mess up a good Jeep. We’re following the instructions that came with the pads.