Need Some Input on 1989 YJ Project


New Member
Jan 10, 2021
Hi all. New to the forum and new to YJ’s!
picked up this little project gem a while back and looking to fix it up. 89 YJ 4.2L. It was painted Orange at some point.
Will be a great project for my son and I.

Here are the things I know of for sure. Appreciate any input or experience anyone can offer. We’re fortunate to be able to do the work in our garage.
1. All new vacuum lines. No problem.
2. Transfer case rebuild. Does not stay in 4H or 4L. Just slips right out with ease. Is this fixable?
3. Rear sway bar bracket has completely broken off. So either weld back in, replace with aftermarket setup, or leave it out??
4. New leaf springs and shocks all around. Haven’t decided to leave stock or small 2” lift? Suggestions?

These are the priority items. Other cosmetic details later. Runs pretty good. The AC pump is there, but it looks like all been disconnected. Don’t care.

Appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.