MC 2100 swap question


Jul 16, 2022
Upstate NY
Simple question. I’m in the middle of bbd to mc 2100 switch. Like literally. Got bbd off. Mc2100 ready to go on. But I can’t get bolts out that bbd threads onto. Also there is a black plastic spacer that seems to be on there pretty good (so long as the bolts are on. I assume that comes out and is replaced w my adapter plate correct? See pic below

Problem solved. Finally got bolts out. Two but trick worked on two but others wouldn’t have it. Spent 20 bucks at AutoZone on PT stud remover. Worked outstanding. Spacer popped right off.
Nice. I love learning about new tools. Never heard of that one and will have to remember it next time I’m in the same sitch. I recently learned about nut splitters and exhaust hanger pliers. Both also very handy in the right situation.
Rachel’s down and it’s teeth bite the stud. Then it stiffens up once full tight and w a little bit of extra pressure the bolt comes free. Worth twenty bucks. Literally took 2 min a bolt. Way easier than double nut but cost a bit. But for twenty bucks i can pull broken bolts and everything now w ease.
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I’m stuck. I’m Done except for throttle linkage which has proven to be harder than I thought. But I can’t tune this thing bc I can’t get it to run long enough. It fires up at 1500 rpm. I have 22 inches of vaccum but the Thing surges like crazy vroom vroom vroom like I’m blipping the throttle. Vaccum sometimes holds and other times drops and pops back up. If I cover choke it runs steadier. If I open choke it immediately dies. I assume I have a vaccum leak. Hard to imaging where as I only have 3-4 hoses total now. Also seems like it would be hard to pull 22 inches of vaccum if I had a leak right? I sprayed carb cleaner all over but didn’t notice anything. Hard to tell with the engine running high and surging. The bbd ran like shit but it idled ok. Only hunted w bit and idled low.
Mine was doing that, pulled my hair out looking for vacuum leaks.
Turns out the tps was partially unplugged. You might take a quick look.