Jeep keep shutting off


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Sep 20, 2022
I have an 89 with the 4.2. I have added an HEI distributor and summit 500cfm 4 barrel carburetor.

It was running fine and then it just stopped. Driving along and the engine will automatically shut off. I realized that I wasn’t getting a spark to the first plug so I went to work on the distributor and replaced the coil. Jeep started running again without problems. 2-3 weeks later it is doing it again. It will start up and run for a couple of minutes and then die. Won’t start back up. Let it sit for a few hours and it will start up again. Maybe she is just feeling her age! Lol!

I checked the voltage going to the distributor and the alternator and it is good.

Any ideas and direction would be super helpful. I am not a mechanic and bought this Jeep to start learning so I truly appreciate the help!



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Apr 12, 2021
Q town New Mexico
I don't believe any 258's used the above mentioned sensors. If it was a SBC with HEI I'd say the ignition module when south which is a common issue more less. New or not, if your losing spark that be my guess. Also what coil are you using? I have read where the yellow Accel's were junk and failed intermittently as you describe.