Introducing my new YJ from Canada

Zen YJ

New Member
May 28, 2021
Hello everyone!

My first attempt to drive a manual transmission!

Introducing my new 94 YJ!

One owner with 328,000 kms, and original clutch... looks mostly stock other than lift, tires and fenders. Needs some cleaning in the interior, but rust is minimal or non existent.

I like to restore cars to stock condition, trying to keep that "feeling" from those years. My previous two projects were a Pontiac Fiero 1986 and a Mazda Miata 1992.

The simplicity of this Jeep convinced me to pull the trigger. In the first couple hours I gutted all the interior for cleaning, seats, carpet, dash, gauges. door cards.

Not everything is perfect, there is a loud whining noise that I think is the power steering pump...

Can't wait to remove that hardtop!