Install obd plug connector

the question is not clear, all cars (most) have OBD 1 or 2. 1980 GM up, and to jeeps 83 and newer all do, well in the usa.
Ive no idea at all the laws in Israel DOT regs on EFI smog rules at all. (some makers of cars sell to 50 markets, and are 50 not the same){smog laws}
My 95 the PCM connector ODB1 is a jack on a set of pig tails going to the fire wall PCM .
here is mine, OBD1, I have the scanner here. that works. Innova 5160RS

what does install mean. (it means the OBD is missing totally?and or means what tools connect (my MODIS and MT2500 scanners work on all my jeeps)
The oldest jeeps or those sold out side USA market may have a simple carb only for fueling and standalone spark.
all ours 1995 are MPI EFI, OBD1 (epa banned carb here and all throttle body TBI) 1995
1996 USA law dictated ( OBD2, under the dash at drivers shins. (some cars (rare) did this 1 or 2 years early because they wanted to. we have the list.
1998 Canada want OBD2.
some countries lagged to 2001 or even 2010. to gain OBD2 or EOBD. (E = europe)
your car has vin take that names the target market you car was built for...

the vin 1st digit is COuntry. (USA is #1 prefixed)
what you have is 100% unknown. until told.

to work on any jeep for sure this old get the service manual that matches your VIN.
country code for israel is KF to KK coded,, read the vin Plate, my guess hood up, see fire wall right side see plate. full of numbers and codes even paint codes

That is all I know on israel and is LHD car.

post photos of the engine, and for sure the throttlebody /carb and or PCM brain if pressent.
jeeps have the bad habit this old, finding ANYTHING on earth seen there. the endless story. 29 years later