I Took The Plunge…2022 Willys Sport


Aug 9, 2020
Binghamton NY
Between my ‘89 YJ and my ‘99 Suburban overland project I’m always using one to get parts for the other. So when they both need something I’m screwed. To fix that I decided just to get something new for a DD. Something I haven’t done since a new Dodge Ram back in ‘94. Had it shipped up from a dealer down in PA last Friday. ‘22 Willys Sport 6cyl auto soft top in silver zynith. I have to say I’m pleased. It’s a sweet little ride. But with the top up as soon as you close the door it’s not a Jeep anymore, just a new vehicle. Windows out and top down it’s a little closer. But a Wrangler with a touch screen and everything actually working just isn’t a Wrangler. No plans for it, just keep it clean and trade up every 3 years. Being able to wake up and not have my first thought being “Okay, what’s it gonna cost me today and how long will it take to fix it?” Is priceless in my book.