How I cleaned my Front Axle tube.


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Sep 13, 2022
In the process of replacing my passenger side 2 piece axle shaft with a one piece. After I got everything out, I saw the need to clean out many years of "GUNK".
What worked for me was a "toilet cleaner" brush, and a 9" cloth nap paint roller. I modified the toilet brush to have a long extension on the handle. The diameter of a standard toilet brush is perfect for the tube. After scrubbing the tubes with the toilet brush, I went to the paint roller. I soaked the roller in a solvent based cleaner. You can use gasoline, xylene, MEK, denatured alcohol, etc. The OD of the paint roller is perfect for the tube. It is a tight fit initially, but with the solvent and working the tube it becomes easier. I also made an extension that I placed inside the paint roller to make it easier to scrub the length of the bore. It only cost me about $15 for both the toilet brush and the paint rollers.
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