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Sep 28, 2015
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Virtually every part of the YJ is interchangable between years. All YJ's feature a body on frame design. The YJ is the only Wrangler to have "square" headlights. All YJ's feature a leaf spring suspension and solid axles.


wheelbase = 93.4"
overall length = 1987-89: 152.6 in
......................1990-92: 153 in
......................1993-95: 151.9 in
overall width = 66"
track =
height = 1993-95: 71.9 in Hard or Soft Top
............1987-1992 Soft Top: 72 in
............1987-1992 Hardtop: 69.6 in
stock height of Jeep to rocker panels = 18"
ground clearance (from differentials) = 9"
approach angle =
departure angle =
breakover angle =
curb weight 4wd = 3,028 lbs. - 3,241 lbs.
towing capacity = 2,000lbs with proper hitch (officially) - 3,000lbs with proper hitch (un-officially)
Wheel bolt pattern = 5 X 4.5
Rim backspacing = 5.5"
Stock Tire Size = 205/75/15 or 215/75/15 depending on model

Stock suspension angles:
Toe: Set to 0 degrees, "ok range" 1/16 in - 1/16 out
Camber: Set to 0 degrees, "ok range" -1/2deg to +1/2 deg
Caster: *Manual trans: Set to 6.5 deg, "ok range" 5/14 deg to 7/14 deg
*Auto Trans: Set to 8.0 deg, "ok range" 6 1/2 deg to 9 deg
Outside wheel turn angle: Set to 33 deg, "ok range" 32 deg to 33 deg


The YJ only comes in a 2 door model made up of a one piece tub with a swing out rear tailgate. All models have a flip forward rear bench seat and two individual front folding foward seats.

87-91 models come equiped with the "sport style" roll bar. The rear bars come down from the main hoop at a 45* angle. The rear seatbelts for these models are lap belts mounted to the floor

92-95 models come with the "family style" roll bar. The rear bars form a 90* angle directly above the rear roll bar mount creating a overhead roll bar for the rear passangers. The rear seatbelts are now attached to the roll bar and are full 3 point belts rather than lap belts.


2.5L I4 TBI (fuel injected) - 121 hp @ 5000 rpm, 135 ftlb @ 3500 rpm - used in '87-'90
2.5L I4 MPI (multi-port injection) - 130 hp @ 5250 rpm, 139 ft lb @ 3250 rpm - used in '91-'95

4.2L I6 Carburated AMC 258 - 112 hp @ 3200 rpm, 210 ft lb @ 2000 - used in '87-'90
4.0L I6 MPI AMC 242 "Power Tech HO" (High Output) - 190 hp @ 4750 rpm, 220 ft lb @ 4,000 rpm - used in '91-'95


Manual transmissions

AX-5 - Aisin 5-speed behind the I4 '87-'95
BA-10/5 - Peugot 5-speed behind the I6 from '87-March 9, 1989
AX-15 - Aisin 5-speed behind the I6 from March 10, 1989-'95

Automatic transmissions
TF904 - TorqueFlight Automatic behind the I4 '94-'95, prior to this, the YJ was not offered in an automatic with the I4
TF999 - TorqueFlight Automatic behind the I6

Transfer Cases

The transfer cases used are all chain driven with aluminum housings. NP stands for "New Process" which is the brand, if you will.

NP207 - "Command-Trac" part-time only - 2.61:1 ratio low range - only in 87
NP231 - "Command-Trac" part-time only - 2.72:1 ratio low range - shift pattern 2H - 4H - N - 4L - used '88-'95


Front Axles

Dana 30 high pinion - reverse cut - 27 spline, 1.16" diameter shafts, 7.13" ring gear - used 87-95. All are vacuum disconnect, Some 95's have 5-297x u-joints due to the start of new model change over, all others have 5-260x u-joints.

Rear Axles
Dana 35 non c-clip - 27 spline, 1.18" diameter shafts, 7.58" ring gear, 2.62" axle tube - used '87-'89
Dana 35 c-clip - 27 spline, 1.18" diameter shafts, 7.58" ring gear, 2.62" axle tube - used '90-'95
Dana 44 non c-clip - 30 spline, 1.31" diameter shafts, 8.5" ring gear, 2.75" axle tube - used '87-'89 on a VERY limited number of Canadian YJ's.

(Note with the Dana 35C- The "C" does not stand for c-clip. It stands for "custom" meaning it came from Dana unfinished.)


I4 Automatic - 3.73:1
I4 Standard - 4.10:1
I6 Automatic - 3.54:1 (normally)
I6 Standard - 3.07:1, 3.54:1 or 3.73:1 - must verify with the tag on the axle or by pulling the differential cover and reading the numbers stamped in the ring gear or by counting revolutions of wheel versus driveshaft.

Trim Levels

Base: also referred to as "S"&"SE" at different points in the model run; first few years the back seat and rear bumperettes were optional, some years the 6cyl engine was an option, other years only the 4cyl was available in the "Base" model

Laredo: Chrome grille, bumpers, and trim, hard top and hard full doors, tinted windows, faux leather interior, body color fender flares and alloy wheels

Islander: which included "Sunset" Islander graphics and distinct body colors including teal and bright yellow with matching wheel flares

Sport: which featured "sport" graphics and, beginning in 1991, a 4.0L 6 cylinder engine

Sahara: which came standard with the 4.0l 242cid engine, offered the most available options, including body color fender flares, matching side steps and alloy wheels. More saharas seem to have come with an automatic transmission and air conditioning than any other trim package.

Renegade: featured a similar option package as Sahara, but added premium wheels, deluxe interior group as well as oversized "Renegade" wheel flares and body cladding

Rio Grande: available in champagne gold, moss green and white, with a southwest themed interior trim package, only the 4cyl engine was available, model was offered in the last two years of the YJ model run.

Trim levels by year:

'87- Base, Laredo, Sport

'88- Base, Islander, Laredo, S, Sahara, Sport

'89- Base, Islander, Laredo, S, Sahara

'90- Base, Islander, Laredo, S, Sahara

'91- Base, Islander, Renegade, S, Sahara

'92- Base, Islander, Renegade, S, Sahara

'93- Base, Renegade, S, Sahara

'94- Renegade, S, Sahara, SE

'95- Rio Grande, Sahara, SE

'96- Left over '95s sold as '95s.

Production Numbers

Total of 685,071 YJ's

632,231 YJs were built through model year 1995, though YJs were still produced into mid '96 bringing the total production number to 685,071 units.
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It's impressive they had enough spare stuff around at the end of the production run to crank out 53,000 more YJs in that last stint.
It's impressive they had enough spare stuff around at the end of the production run to crank out 53,000 more YJs in that last stint.
I don't think it's correct that they were produced into mid 96 or 96 at all...they did produce a ton of 95s from September 94 until December 95. Nearly double the numnber of YJs from any other year. I think legally they were forced to quit making YJs by Dec 31, 1995, because all 1996 model year vehicles (and anything produced in 96 regardless) had to meet OBDII which the YJ of course did not. As far as I'm aware (did some research on this not long ago), the YJ could not legally be built in 96. So I'm not sure where the 53K number comes from but it shouldn't have been 95's built in 96.

Then they did start the 97 TJ in January 1996 and I think they hit dealers in March 1996. Pretty sure the first few weeks of January were paused as they switched over from YJ to TJ, but otherwise that was it. TJ from then on out.

The 53,000 number might be the number of late 95's that were still 95 but had the TJ parts (TJ motor with 0630 head, hood bumpers, rear bumper instead of bumperettes, etc).
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