Crankshaft problem

Well I found one of my problems. My camshaft was 180 degrees off. And for my original problem iread on a thread that there were 2 castings for the crankshaft in 92. One has a longer nose. Think I have the longer one. I never noticed but I’m wondering if shop that rebuilt the motor just drove the harmonic balancer further on and did not put a spacer in. I am going to see if local machine shop can make me one.
Interesting, never heard of the 2.5L having different snout lengths. But I’ve only ever been involved with the 4.0L so I wouldn’t really have a reason to know.

Similar situations come up with building a stroker 6 cylinder; the 4.2L crank is used for the stroker build, and ‘86 and older 4.2L cranks have a longer snout than ‘87-‘90 4.2L and all 4.0Ls. So when using those, they have to use a spacer on the harmonic damper in order for the bolt to push it on all the way.
I’m not sure about the longer snout but it is the only thing that makes sense to me. Nothing looks bent and all the bearings are in place.
It definitely makes sense, I just never heard of that myself on a 2.5. But if you found a thread about it, then that checks out even more.

Wonder how the timing got 180 out and was only found out so many years later.
I have no idea. It makes absolutely no sense to me. The distributor was also backwards. I can’t figure out how it ran at all. I only drove it once or twice after motor rebuild. I bought the Chilton manual and followed the instructions. Also this forum and a bunch of YouTube videos. I double and triple checked. When I turned crank to top dead center the timing mark on camshaft was at about 10 o’clock and crankshaft timing mark was at about 4 o’clock.
Thank you for the feedback. I am on a mission now. I will get this jeep running. Like I said before I am not a mechanic but I can follow instructions. And I know that listening to folks who have the knowledge is always a good idea.
I believe the flywheel only attached to the crankshaft one way. So if you rotate the crank to properly match the camshaft then the crank piston sensor mounted to the flywheel will now be 180 degrees out.

I'm not sure what you have there.
I got everything put back together and now it cranks but won’t start. I have spark and fuel to the rail. Won’t even try to start with starter fluid. I have no idea what to do now.
In my original post when I said the jeep was running bad I should have mentioned that it was sputtering and backfiring through the throttle body. Now it cranks much better than it did just no running.
Going back to the original days if it was hard to crank over and backfiring through the carb then the spark timing was waaay off, probably very early and fighting against the starter motor and lighting off the fuel while the intake valve was open.

Go to the resource section of this forum and download the Factory Service Manual if you don't already have it and go through the exact steps for installing the distributor and attaching all the plug wires.

Are the sparkplugs wet or dry after trying to start it?

Here's the link:
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