Casa Charity Event in Mena, AR (September 2023)


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Jun 16, 2023
This is an event I go to annually. It's a charity event for CASA of the Ouchitas which is primarily a motorcycle event but for the past few years I've been taking Jeeps instead. I've been going for many years prior to that, usually on dual sport type bikes. This is the first year I took the YJ. It's a National Forest, so the roads range from super easy, well maintained dirt "highways" to overgrown abandoned trails that haven't seen use in years or decades, to roads that connect to other roads on a map but some FS person decided that they wanted to close that road for whatever reason and block it on only one end with a dirt mounds.

My dad came along, and we decided to dolly tow the YJ with his Ranger. It made the trip a bit more comfortable. Not that the YJ is a bad riding vehicle.

Thursday was just a get there day. We got a late start from the house and due to a dolly wheel/hub failure got delayed 2 hours. Luckily it happned in Mount Pleasant Tx, which is apparently the "Trailer Capitol of Texas" as they have like 8 trailer parts shops. We were back on the road fairly quickly with new lug studs, new lugs, and a new wheel that the tire shop next door swapped for us.

Got there, got setup, nothing really of note after the dolly issue. Was in bed fairly early.

The next day, while eating breakfast, I built a route on GAIA that would take us up to Mount Magazine. Mostly dirt. Due to exploring side roads, and detours due to closed roads it took us most of the time we had.

I like to mark campsites when out and about. Just to the right of this photo is a decent area that could fit 5 or 6 Jeeps with a fire ring someone already built in the past. Looks like it hasn't been used as a camp site for quite some time, though.

Sometimes you start down a trail that looks good on a map and gets progressivley worse lol.



Getting back to camp later in the day while doing a once over we noticed the lower shock mount was broken and I had done my best to turn this old Rancho into a golfball.

Day 2 and some short videos coming later.