AX15 external slave replacement


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Mar 30, 2022
New to the forum and looking for advice/info. 1994 YJ Sahara, 4.0, AX15, NP231, etc. My clutch failed a few days ago, by "failed" I mean the pedal went to the floor and I had to find my way home feathering the throttle into the right RPMs to shift stopping! I've had problems with the master cylinder previously, this was different, pulling the slave cylinder revealed the piston had pushed the snap ring out the end and the push rod was flapping loose. I've ordered a new master/slave set, but before I install that and waste money wrecking another slave, are there some specs I can use to determine if I have another failed part leaving the clutch fork too far inside the bell to maintain proper contact? A rough idea of things I'm looking for: A measurement for slave flange to clutch fork when relaxed..., An approximate amount of pressure required to push the clutch fork as far as it will go, A measurement for slave flange to clutch fork when the fork is depressed to full disengagement of the clutch. I realize this is a long shot, but was hoping someone on a forum such as this might have been through a similar situation. In addition to avoiding damage to the new slave, I was hoping to figure out if I should be going further and replacing the entire clutch/ throw out bearing, fork and retaining hardware, etc. Any and all help is most appreciated.