Adding an additional fuse block to run accessories


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Feb 22, 2023
Virginia USA
What size fuse breaker are you using/should I with “extractme upgraded 12 way fuse block” Amazon find. I plan on running rock led lights, led bar and cab ledmaybe a power inverter down the road, and along with maybe some beach/camping accessories. Plan is to upgrade to a marine fleet battery being charged by a bigger alternator down the road. Any help on what gauge wire would be greatly appreciated thank you

91 Jeep YJ 4.0 inline.

Right now it has been suggested to run a 100amp or 120amp fuse breaker in order to protect the block and entire system, not just the individual. I agree but not an electrician I remember basics but don’t want to burn it down, i will be throwing a battery isolater/shut off on after the fuse\breaker but want to protect the alt accessories system. I live in Virginia so it does get hot 100< on the coast