Michigan 93 Jeep YJ Wrangler Sport 4L 6Cylinder Manual Trans 4WD - Rochester, MI


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Jan 8, 2021
Rochester, MI
Helping a friend part with her Jeep. It has been in her family since purchased new in 1993. The vehicle has had many Maintenance items replaced through the years, but now the Frame and Body mounts are in need of significant repair. The existing frame and body have been patched in the typical areas; Skid Plate, Floor Pan, some body rust. The Jeep is a bit small for her and the kids and she doesn't have the tools/time/space to do a full on body/Frame swap. It has been sitting for a couple years now, but started semi regularly to move it around to keep the HomeOwnersAssociation from harassing her.

1993 Jeep Wrangler YJ, 160,000 original miles, 2Door(obviously), 4WD, 4L 6 Cylinder, Manual Trans, soft top,

Already Fixed:
2003 Replaced engine from a 99 XJ Cherokee (Roughly 100,000 miles on the new engine currently)
2006 Replaced ball joints, U-Joints, Tie Rods
2011 Replaced alternator, Fuel Lines, front and rear brakes
2014 Replaced Exhaust Manifold, Clutch & Flywheel, and Exhaust System
2015 Replace Oil Pressure sensor
Regularly maintained while daily driving, but has been sitting for a few years. Would advise going through all the fluids.

Needs to be fixed:
FRAME: Both Frame rails have significant rust. Some areas could be patched, but probably best to do a frame swap
BODY: Body mounts are rusty and will need repair. Some rust in doors, panels and rockers, typical for ~30 year Michigan jeep
DRIVETRAIN: Radiator may be clogged, probably should be replaced. Clutch may have a slow leak. Tires and Shocks are old.
INTERIOR: Driver's Side Seat Belt is stuck. Retractor needs to be replaced.

Vehicle is driveable, but due to frame issue and seatbelt malfunction, towing is recommended. Seller can assist with transport within reasonable distance.
Asking $3,000 but negotiable. Cash offers only. Vehicle has a clear Green Title and is available if you want to check it out in person.

Call Jeff at (586) 713-2847 or e-mail at jjmeikle@comcast.net

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