89 YJ Fuel Line


New Member
Jul 9, 2022
Menifee, CA
My 89 2.5L does not have a Fuel Rail, and I need to check the Fuel Pressure. Are there fittings, or a kit I can install, in order to connect my Fuel Pressure Gauge. I am told the pressure should be 14.6 psi, and excess should flow back to the tank via the return line. Do I have the lines labeled correctly in the pic below? I have cut and flared tubing before, and I don't see room here between the TB, and Firewall, to do that. I might be able to access the lines in front of the Rear Axle. I just put a new filter in there, and am somewhat familiar. Also need to swap in a new TPS, which is mounted to the TB just under the fuel lines. Thought I would swap in a new IAC as well, but can't find that. Did the 89 have one? Where do I find it? TIA – JIM