1989 Sahara with SBC 350 rebuild


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Nov 20, 2022
West Palm Beach, FL
Hello, I am brand new to the wrangler community, so i thought I would find a forum where I could research and ask for help as needed. This week I purchased a 1989 Wrangler Sahara that has already swapped with a small block chevy 350. Over all the YJ has minimal rust and even runs and drives. But, after driving it the 45 minutes home, I completely lost the clutch (fluid gone completely), thankfully it worked until I pulled into the driveway. I believe it has an AX15 with internal slave so i've ordered the parts to repair it and it should be back on the road shortly. A little background about why I chose this wrangler, 3 weeks ago my roommate bought a running driving great condition TJ for $500 (crazy story how that happened). Anyways we tore it all apart, repainted it inside and out and have a built ls3 mounted to a 4l80 going in the week after thanksgiving. Helping with this project every day got me thinking about doing a similar build myself. Fortunately my roommate works in an awesome body shop that allows us 24/7 access to work on our cars, which has been super helpful over the years with other builds. So I found a decently clean YJ locally and negotiated a solid deal. Luckily it has little to no rust, the jeep has been in Florida it whole life. My plan is to fix all the small dents and get to painting right away, I want to do a bedliner interior (original I know) and a deep metallic purple for the exterior. Anyways, so far I've just been removing some of the unnecessary items, such as the radio and sound, rear tire holder, horrible after market lights and wiring. I plan to really dig into this thing in a week or so but, I thought i'd start a thread to document my progress. All comments welcome, positive or negative I love to hear it all. I will include lots of pictures, and I'll attach some of the TJ as well in hopes that you'll see i'm a total idiot when it comes project cars! Thanks for having me!

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