1988 half-door no lock latch mechanism


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Nov 12, 2023
Gainesville, Fl
I have a 1988 YJ with half doors without locks. The driver side latch mechanism is broken. It seems the internal spring that returns the latch to the open position on the bottom half of the latch is broken. I can find a lot of lock latch mechanisms for half doors with locks (?) but none without. Does anyone know if someone is making a reproduction of the no lock latch? Or, a rebuild kit for the mechanism? Or is there an easy way to rig the lock latch version for no locks?
I’m not familiar with latches without locks; how is it different from the ones with locks?
I was able to make the lock latch mechanism work in the unlocked position. It took a little rigging to make the inside door lever pull hard enough to unlatch the doors, but this issue is solved for the moment. THANKS!
If you are still looking for a new latch assembly, I found one at quirkparts.com thanks to the help of another forum member, I can't find his reply to me otherwise I would thank him again for the help.

Speaking of help, does anyone know where I can get a YJ drivers' side half door short (outside handle) actuator rod?