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    I ordered mediim load Old Man Emu springs for my YJ and I have a question

    The front and rear are the same springs.. I haven't ordered the front bushings yet. Are the front bushings different thant the rear? If so, why? Thanks, John
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    How much lift do I need for 265/75R16 tires?

    Will a 2 1/2" lift raise my yj enough for 265/75R16 All Terrain tires.
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    Pictures of my YJ

    I bought a "project jeep". I've been working on it since I took these photos. With the jeep and all of the parts I have duplicates of many things. Also many new things. Among them, new seats, new seat belts, new distributor, starter, and alternator. Also a new jack, complete exhaust system...
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    Customer beware of Rough Country quality

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering about Rough Country.
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    I picked up a soft top for my 93 YJ

    It included the frame.
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    New York $50 hard top

    That is a great buy if you lived close by.
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    I picked up a soft top for my 93 YJ

    I picked up a Bestop Supertop soft top yesterday for $160.00 on craigslist. The guy is giving the YJ to his daughter and she wanted a hard top. Very good condition. Only problem was a small tear on the bottom of the material on one of the side windows. I'm going to take it to a canvas shop...
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    I drilled 1/2" holes in the bottom of my jeep frame yesterday

    I drilled 4 on each side. And I sprayed 2 cans of Eastwood internal frame coating inside them. My frame is in perfect condition and I want to keep it that way. Any suggestions on paint for the outside of the frames.
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    New member from Indiana

    I bought a YJ and am in the process of rebuilding it. The frame and body is in excellent condition. But mechanical is in need of total rebuild from rear axle to fan belt and everything in between. I've tore it apart and in the process in rebuilding it.