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  1. Flyer58

    What did you do in the garage / driveway today?

    Has to move the YJ to make room in my shop for a Jeep Patriot. New front right wheel bearing hub assembly installed. Four hour job including lunch and a parts run.
  2. Flyer58

    1994 Hunter Green SE “Back to Stock” Thread

    I couldn't get the shift knob off and ended up twisting off the threaded top off the shift lever. I gave up trying the transfer knob.
  3. Flyer58

    Help with 4WD indicator light

    My vacuum lines are in segments and held together by small rubber tubes. I ended up connecting them and then applied a coating of silicone to help bind them and stop any leaks.
  4. Flyer58

    What did you do in the garage / driveway today?

    Finally getting around to painting a pair of full size doors I bought a while back. They needed a little minor repairs and that's done on one door. Started painting on the inside first then outside.
  5. Flyer58

    Problem getting Crown body mount to fit

    How does that opening compare with all the others? Is that a typical factory weld for the body mount bracket? Looks like some welder had a bad hangover that day.
  6. Flyer58

    YJ ‘93 Beach Cruiser

    Freshwater beach or salt water beach? best to dunk the entire YJ in a pool of lizard skin if it's salt.
  7. Flyer58

    Problem getting Crown body mount to fit

    I don't know why but I find that funny and can hear Jeep when something doesn't fit saying "It's a design feature" lol
  8. Flyer58

    Funny stuff

    and it's not an EV :)
  9. Flyer58

    Funny stuff

  10. Flyer58

    Funny stuff

    Not a Jeep but if he ever buys one he will be asking the same questions.
  11. Flyer58

    Cleaned IAC Valve, reinstalled, now stalls when I let foot off gas

    Did you clean out the port the IAC goes into? Try adding a little spray lube. Sounds like it's sticking .
  12. Flyer58

    Tire advice

    Colorado has chain laws requiring them in winter
  13. Flyer58

    Where can I find this air filter part?

    I had Head and Rossi's as a kid.
  14. Flyer58

    Where can I find this air filter part?

    Haha I can picture it now after all these years. J.C. Whitney "Bolt-on Performance". I still see a lot of classic cars with those..
  15. Flyer58

    94 YJ 4.0 overheating

    During the first hour of an engine break-in the temps will be higher but usually the radiator will cover the increase. Did you put Teflon tape on the temp probe or any other sealant on the threads to which will increase resistance? The probes need a good clean connection to the head.
  16. Flyer58

    How hard to replace transfer case with a remanufactured one?

    Wow, this is from Aug 2021. I hope the change was easy for him. Another helpful hint is to wrap tape around the U-joint endcaps because they will fall off and roll into the nearest dirt pile. Or just change them while you're in there.
  17. Flyer58

    YJ pulls hard to the left when accelerating

    What rear differential in installed? Is there a differential locker and are you sure the tires are identical. Try swapping rear tires left and right.
  18. Flyer58

    Fuel Additives

    No shill alert, just saying what I've seen. I'll agree with Chevron Techron. I've been using that in a diesle tractor for decades. When you say "Clean fuel will do the same" I'll agree but again after four tanks with the Lucas in a 2010 Equinox and my 92 YJ I've noticed a distinct...
  19. Flyer58

    Fuel Additives

    For years I've always added a can or SeaFoam to the tank in several of my cars thinking it helps in the long run. I know the spray in the induction does in fact work very well but never sure about anything in the tank. So based on several internet forums (Has to be true :) ) I tried the...
  20. Flyer58

    1991 2.5 doesn't like to start when engine is hot

    Cold start, hot fail, cold start makes me think it's temperature related and one of the 50 causes could be the ECU/PCM/Whatever getting hot and failing. I'm sure there's ways of checking when hot and the engine quits. My '92 has been working so far but I see a lot of capacitor failures and...