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    YJ runs fine for 10-20 miles, then hesitates, sputters, and stalls

    Don't discount this possibility ! take your coil off and shake it. Mine rattled and I replaced it. Also I haven't seen anyone suggest checking Vaccum , If you don't have a gauge..... take a picture of the throttle body where all the Vaccum lines connect. Leave the fuel pressure regulator and...
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    Have you seen pre-fabricated parts to move seat / slider closer to wheel - 1992 Wrangler

    I have a 91 yj and had to move the stock seat back 2 or 3 inches. I simply re-drilled the 4 holes in the top of the seat pedestal and re-mounted the seat farther back. Ask your Hubby to remove the 4 nuts holding the seat down and pull the seat out, you might be able to reposition the holes far...
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    Loss of power

    No Joy. I still had a flat spot. And when I wiggled the CPS plug I caused a major miss at Idle. I removed the CPS plugs nut and keeper from the fuel rail and moved the Wire loom to experience a total power loss to the spark plugs. looks like a replacement female CPS connector is the next step. I...
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    Loss of power

    I replaced, plugs, plug wires, Distributor Cap and rotor. that made a remarkable difference but there's still a small flat spot at high RPMs. I have an o2 sensor ordered for pick up today. I'll install that and then clean the Throttle Body weather it need it or not and post my results. ( No CEL...
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    Loss of power

    I been JINXED, now my "91" 2.5L is losing power at high RPM's. Grrrrrr!!
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    Loss of power

    this is what I was thinking, remove the coil from the jeep and give it a shake, if it rattles it has overheated and needs replaced
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    No power to the fuel pump?

    I just went through a similar situation with my 91 yj , the starter motor would turn the engine over nice and strong but the engine would'nt run. turns out while I was replacing freeze plugs the CPS (crank position sensor) plug got knocked loose. A little wiggle on the plug and a push in to...
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    Pop noise, then Jeep died, now it won't restart

    pull a plug wire and check for spark while you turn it over, if you have spark dribble some gas down the carb and see if it fires off, start with the simple things !
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    Yj dies while driving

    I pinched my fuel line between the frame and a rock. The engine ran fine for 2 miles and would die. I would sit for 5 minutes. and the pump pressure would force fuel past the pinch point and refill the fuel line past the pinch. drive 2 miles set 5 minutes. do it over and over. also remove your...
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    Engine cutting out after warm up

    I had the same symptoms. I purchased an "Inline spark checker light" from Harbor Freight for $4 to help troubleshoot the problem . Connect the light between the coil and distributor. When the engine starts missing check the light to see if it is blinking in time with the miss. I used longer...
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    91 Jeep YJ - Cranks but No start - Have spark and have fuel at fuel rail

    Might crawl underneath with a bright light and small mirror to do a visual inspection. Let me say I suggested this to a member on a different forum and he found cracks in his exhaust manifold. This problem is more common than might be expected. The exhaust manifold can be removed in 90 minutes...
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    91 Jeep YJ - Cranks but No start - Have spark and have fuel at fuel rail

    I have a 91 yj 4 cyl and I speak from this experience. My distributor timing is not operator adjustable. there's a tab on the engine block that prohibits it from being turned, the computer sets the timing from information collected from the engine parameters while it is running. That being said...