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  1. redbullet install tips

    Bought a set and wondering if anyone has tips on installing. Also, did you use the big fuse for the alternator and delete the two from the fusebox?
  2. redbullet

    Where are the ground locations on a 1993 YJ 2.5 auto?

    …please reply with any grounds you know of, as I am wanting to clean ‘em all up. Thanks.
  3. redbullet

    Auto won’t shift from first to second…

    …my 1993 automatic 2.5 L is having trouble shifting from first to second gear. Fluid is full. It was slipping for a bit. It pretty much just violently shakes when it tries to go to second. I can drive it in second gear to the coffee shop about a mile away but can’t take it out wheeling until I...
  4. redbullet

    Parasitic Drain on 30A Fuel ECU Circuit

    Recent new battery and it drained out after not driving it for 4 days. Tracked down the draw to 30A Fuel ECU Circuit. Any ideas on how to check the circuit. I was thinking of starting with the ignition switch. Thoughts?
  5. redbullet

    Quick trip to off road park near Hollister, CA

    Overnight trip to Hollister Hills off-road park in Northern California. Decent steak and post wheeling beers. No mechanical issues until I washed it off at home and now having a shifting problem in second where rev drops. Overall a great time.
  6. redbullet

    Idle drops when auto shifts in or out of second

    1993 2.5L with auto transmission. Recently my Jeep has been having an intermittent issue that now won’t go away. It is starting/running fine in first gear, but the moment it auto shifts to second the rpm’s drop and it shakes like a banshee. I then stop and the idle returns to normal. I tried...
  7. redbullet

    Rear shock relocation brackets

    My Jeep has what look to be 10+ year old rancho 9000 shocks on it that are toast. Went ahead and picked up a set of 5000’s. When I took the old shocks off there was a huge dent in the shock tube about 2/3 of the way down where it appears to have been hitting the axel and caused them to fail...
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    1995 Jeep YJ at wrecker in Cincinnati, Ohio

    Anyone nearby Cincinnati check it out, looks like there may be half doors, search for 1995 Wrangler in the search section: If I was nearby I would have a look.
  9. redbullet

    Transfer case grinding when shifting into 4 low…

    I have an automatic 1993 yj 2.5L with the 321j transfer case. I am following the owners manual procedure to shift into 4 low (2-4 mph with transmission in neutral) and recently started to get a wild grinding noise only when trying to shift the transfer case. Fluid has been changed and is full. I...
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    Gnarly YJ rollover

    Stumbled across this video that was posted yesterday on YouTube, trail is in an area near Cochrane, Alberta, Canada in my old stomping grounds. Wheel safely my friends…
  11. redbullet

    Epic trail and EV surprise

    Had my yj out at Hollister Hills off-road park yesterday and my 2.5 L…made it up a black diamond rated trail when I was following two buddies with current generation rubicons. When we got to the top of the San Andreas fault line I was surprised to see 10 Rivian electric vehicles up there. Epic...
  12. redbullet

    Great distributor…

    …so far. Was having trouble sourcing an affordable distributor that I could pick up locally and not have to ship my core back. Thrilled to have found one at Napa auto parts for $51. Put it in, my code 11 disappeared and it is running smoother than ever! Luckily I was not left stranded on New...
  13. redbullet

    What tool can’t you live without for your yj?

    Yesterday I bought a 1/2” ratcheting wrench to get in a few tight places while changing the alternator and it made the job 1000 times easier than any other time I have had to tighten the serpentine belt back up! Any recommendations on other tools that you use to make common repairs way easier...
  14. redbullet

    YJ aluminum half doors - Black Friday Deal!

    Just got free shipping and 15% of YJ aluminum half doors at: Promo code is BLACKCYBER21 Total price was $362!!!!!
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    CA Smog tip/fuel pump replacement tip…

    …finished my refresh of a 1992 yj that I started in April 2021. As part of the refresh I put in a new fuel pump, which was a lot of fun…not. Last week I took it for a smog and it failed for an “evaporative system leak.” Turns out it was the fuel tank vents…I should have replaced these when the...
  16. redbullet

    Oil leaking between oil pan and transmission

    My 1992 YJ 2.5 is leaking oil between the oil pan and tranny. I already tightened the valve cover bolts and am aware of the rear main seal going on these. My question is whether I may actually be missing bolts on the bottom of the cover between the pan and transmission. I one bolt on the lower...
  17. redbullet

    Mystery Engine

    Recently bought a 1992 YJ. VIN shows it came with the 6 cylinder. Prior owner must have blown the 6 cylinder engine, as it now has a 4 cylinder in it, which needs a timing chain (but I digress). I am trying to find out the year of the engine and need a bit of help. Engine code is not between...