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  1. C6c6s

    Smoke From Steering Column

    At start up today a plume of white smoke came out where the signal arm is. Figured I fried a switch. Although nothing was on. It was right at start up. Started back up and everything still worked. All lights, etc...No more smoke. Went where I was going no problems. Can’t pull the steering wheel...
  2. C6c6s

    Lost my rear drive shaft

    As mentioned earlier in another thread I dropped my rear drive shaft in the middle of the road today. So a lot of reading later, I have to ask, what am I getting into? I see that one of the u joint straps broke and caused the failure. Couldn’t get a pic because it’s pouring and too dark. Can...
  3. C6c6s

    PCV Set up

    It’s been awhile. Decided the easiest way to deal with my broken heater was to vacation the last 3 months of winter away. Time to address some issues now. I smelled oil cooking and discovered my PCV filter was popped out of the valve cover because of a rotted grommet. And wasn’t even...
  4. C6c6s

    Heater Control Connections Questions

    Heater and radio went out the other day. Off,on,off,on then off. Checked fuse. P.O had a 15 in there and it was good. Switched to correct 25. Figuring it’s a loose wire. I see this hanging (pic 1) which I’m sure is this (pic2). Colors match. Pull heater half way out and where I’m assuming it...
  5. C6c6s

    Cracked shackle bracket

    And yet another question. Just noticed this today. Fresh because it wasn’t like this the other day. Question is, replace the whole bracket or just get it welded? She’s a hard ride and really takes a beating on our shitty upstate roads. And now my ZJ is off the road for, not sure how long, so the...
  6. C6c6s

    Missing Grille Mount

    Not sure if it could have vibrated loose or someone just felt they needed it more than me. Either way, I just went out and it’s gone. My question is, anything to worry about driving until I get a new one sent out?
  7. C6c6s

    Missing fuel filter

    I was just crawling around underneath checking things out and realized I have no fuel filter in line. I traced everything. Where it should be, over the tire, it just runs straight. ‘89 2.5. Is it possible they put one of the newer pita all in one fuel pumps with the strainer bags in? I didn’t...
  8. C6c6s

    Rust Repair Approach

    Two more weeks until I can get plates on my new 1989 yj. Here in NY DMV is now by appointment only so.... while I’m waiting I thought I’d address the rust. It doesn’t seem to bad but I’ve never done it. Any advice on the best approach to take?
  9. C6c6s

    Two Time YJ Owner

    After running my ‘93 into the ground 6 years ago I’m back in the game with a 1989. Rattle can flat black over original red but minimal rust for the age. Frame looks very good. 2.5 seems to run fine. 4” Rough Country lift. 33 x 10.5’s a little squirrely for the lift so I need to upgrade to 12.5’s...