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  1. Jakebrake

    This Jeep hates me

    ok. the old motor was replaced with a rebuilt 4.2 liter, year unknown. this engine was rebuilt years ago, by an unknown shop. (i know...bad idea. was the only one we could find). replaced water pump, thermostat, and radiator. around town, runs fine. i took it out on the open road, and, presto...
  2. Jakebrake

    What size bolts hold the windshield hinge in place?

    Does anyone happen to know what size bolts hold the windshield hinge in place? I'm missing one on each side, and the creaking it is more than mildly disconcerting.
  3. Jakebrake

    Weighing my options

    well, i was going to take my yj wheeling... was. looks like the head gasket blew. (antifreeze surging out of overflow tank, overheating). i let it cool off, and left it parked until the mrs and i got back from the wheeling trip (her jl performs like a trooper). popped the radiator cap, permatex...
  4. Jakebrake

    Driveshaft differences

    Okay, I found someone selling an 8.8 Ford rear that was installed in a YJ. I know I would have to use the slip yoke Eliminator, and he is also saying I will need to use that driveshaft. My question is, my vehicle is an automatic. Hughes is a manual. Would they use the same driveshaft and slip...
  5. Jakebrake

    I don't understand people

    So, I towed my Frank and Jeep home. I figure, let's take it for a good run to see how it feels. Hit the brakes, and she stalls. I restarted, it fires up everything is okay. I take it out again and she starts stalling going downhill. I start thinking myself okay she really needs a tune-up. As I...
  6. Jakebrake

    One of those new guys

    Greetingall. Yes, it's another new guy. This one is a 50 some odd year old guy from the Philadelphia suburbs. When I was a kid, my father had a CJ. I've always harbored some sort of a love for Jeeps, even though I've never owned one before. Earlier this year we bought my wife a Wrangler Rubicon...