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  1. jeepjoe43

    Electric Fan T-Stat Switch

    Just doing a little homework here. Does anyone know the appropriate temp range for the fan switch with a 195 t-stat? I was looking at an on at 205, off at 195 unit, does that sound right? Makes sense in my mind, but I'm not an expert. I'm pre-wired for 2 terminal unit, any suggestions?
  2. jeepjoe43

    The Law of "Inanimate Reproduction"

    Some the long time wheelers here have probably heard that term, maybe even experienced it. States; If you take something apart and put it back together enough times, you will end up with two of them.
  3. jeepjoe43

    Anyone have any thoughts or experience on rear buggy springs?

    Anyone had any experience, or thoughts, on doing a rear buggy spring (aka 3/4 elliptical)? Looks like a simple enough conversion, but I just don't know if it would be worth the handling trade-offs. I could see it unloading going down very steep hills (like revolver shackles can do) and putting...
  4. jeepjoe43

    P4W Round-Up

    Just a curiosity question for some of the older members (my age-ish) here in the the Southwest. Have any of you ever attended The Phoenix 4 Wheelers Round-Up jamboree? The club has been defunct for probably 20 years now, but I was once a member, and were some of my fondest memories.
  5. jeepjoe43

    What tires do you like?

    Just a fun question... What tires do you like to run? Mostly interested in the Non-daily driver category, but all opinions are welcome. My YJ is pretty much just a toy. Interstate if I have to, maybe to work once in a while. That being said, and through 30 years of off-road experience, my own...
  6. jeepjoe43

    Anyone have any experience with a Dana 489 axle?

    Hello again, Just discovered that I bent my D35 on my first real 4WD trip (what a surprise), clobbered a shock mount on the driver side with a rock. Then the lunch-box locker decided it wasn't going to unlock the driver side axle. It's not bad enough that the axle's bound up in the splines, but...
  7. jeepjoe43

    2.5 running warm at driving speeds

    Hi folks, I've been jeepin for 30 years but I'm new to the YJ. Had mine for about 3 years now putting less than 100 miles on it as a driveability issue cropped up after lifting it then an electrical Gremlin reared it's head. My question is this; is it normal for a YJ to run with the guage...