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  1. Chris

    Making myself a bumper

    This is cool! Once it's powder coated that might be one of the better looking TJ bumpers I've seen.
  2. Chris

    Transfer case linkage

    There ya go! You can find some leftover stock if you look. It just takes time and patience. Probably one of the reasons I've replaced most of the "stock" parts on my TJ with aftermarket stuff, because then I don't need to worry about trying to find OE parts.
  3. Chris

    Is the frame on a 95 YJ galvanized?

    Interesting, I always thought this was just a myth.
  4. Chris

    YJ soft top in twill?

    Does Bestop make a YJ version of the twill top? If so, there is no substitute. Bestop is the best and there is a reason they are the OEM supplier to Mopar. You get what you pay for, trust me.
  5. Chris

    Clicking relays

    You need to check the condition of your battery (do a load test and see when it was last replaced), your battery terminals, and clean and inspect all the ground connections and relay terminals. This is where I would start 100%.
  6. Chris

    Tires for airing down

    I wouldn't be concerned with the ply, just the PSI. When airing down a 31" non-beadlock wheel, you probably won't want to go under 8 PSI at the very lowest, but I would say 10 to be safe. I air my beadlocks down to 2 PSI sometimes, but I am on 35s and they are also beadlocks.
  7. Chris

    How can I get more power out of my 4 cylinder Jeep?

    I've seen them offered briefly for the Miata in an aftermarket application, but they didn't stay on the market long. Not sure what happened, but they pulled the plug I guess.
  8. Chris

    Any thoughts on the Currie Antirock Sway bar on a YJ?

    If it's anything like the TJ, it's one of the best mods you can do. However, I'm not sure how something like this interacts with a leaf spring setup. I'll bet @Fouledplugs will have some insight.
  9. Chris

    What would you price this 91 YJ at?

    I'm going to have to agree with this. With the condition it's in, I wouldn't value it as anything more than parts. Granted you could restore it, but that's a huge project as you can see.
  10. Chris

    Where do you like to ride?

    I'm surrounded by some of the best wheeling in Arizona only 6 miles from my house. It never gets old :)
  11. Chris

    Looking To Organize An Aluminum Bumper Group Buy

    If people knew how good this bumper was they'd be jumping all over this. Yes, it's expensive. However, I'm pretty damn confident in saying that this is arguably the best bumper out there for the TJs. I absolutely love mine. Keep shopping it around and I'll shop it around too. I'll redirect...
  12. Chris

    '92 Jeep YJ (Jurassic Build)

    That's what they look like to me.
  13. Chris

    '92 Jeep YJ (Jurassic Build)

    Wow, that looks awesome 😲
  14. Chris

    '92 Jeep YJ (Jurassic Build)

    Wow, those look good as new!
  15. Chris

    California Looking for someone in the Bay Area to rebuild my engine!

    Happy to hear that! 255k is pretty low for a 4.0. I know of a guy who was well over 600k miles on his before selling it. Original engine and nothing other then basic routine maintenance and a few transmission rebuilds.
  16. Chris

    Should I get a slip yoke eliminator with my lift?

    Haha, you are right indeed! While you can always lower the transfer case, a SYE is definitely the right way to go about things.
  17. Chris

    Air Compressor Safety

    Yep, I've heard of this happening before and you do have to be careful. as these things get older, the rust becomes an issue for sure. This is definitely a good PSA. Not only do you have to drain them, but I also think at some point you simply have to replace them. To get 25 years out of an air...
  18. Chris

    Just joined

    Welcome to the forum! Post some photos of your YJ, we'd love to see (y)
  19. Chris

    What's the craziest thing you have found on your skid plates?

    Haha, that grass was actually growing there? Damn, I guess it liked the shade! The most I've ever found is buttloads of dirt and rocks.