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  1. Flyer58

    15-20 Gallon Fuel Tank Slosh Box Warped

    I've had a problem with my fuel gauge sticking in different places and have read about the poly slosh box inside the OEM gas tank warping which causes the sending unit float arm to rub or get hung up. I had previously tested the gauge and it works as it should so the problem is at the other end...
  2. Flyer58

    Air Compressor Safety

    I found this in a forum unrelated to Jeeps, the guy posted it after his friend was seriously injured during a similar circumstance. It got me looking at my 25 year old Craftsman 25 gallon compressor and I too found lots of rust on the outside and around the welded seams. I can't imagine what...
  3. Flyer58

    Anyone missing a YJ?

    Divers haul more than 40 cars out of Nashville's waterways We spot a YJ-generation Wrangler More than 40 cars hauled out of Nashville's waterways | Autoblog If you're looking for a lost YJ-generation Jeep Wrangler, and you live in the Nashville area, city officials may have found your car in...
  4. Flyer58

    Vertical storage for hardtop

    I finished a little project for storing my hartop when not in use. Simple design copied off the internet with a few minor changes. Once the dolly is strapped in place to the top I just raise up the front so it sits on the wheels and roll it off to the side. Lowering it back down is just as...
  5. Flyer58

    Metric vs SAE

    Wiki: Standard sizes of square drives around the world include 1⁄4, 3⁄8, 1⁄2, 3⁄4, 1, 1 1⁄2, 2 1⁄2 and 3 1⁄2-inch square drive sizes (a de facto international standard with no metric equivalents
  6. Flyer58

    Got lucky today

    I've had this YJ for a little over a year of which the majority of time it was in many pieces while rebuilding it. I've been looking for any type top on a weekly basis since it didn't come with anything. Well I came across this true YJ hard top last night and overall it's in very good...
  7. Flyer58

    New Vacuum Disconnect

    Well after my 65 cent mechanical fix to lock the Dana split front axle I've decided to go back to the original set up. Nothing wrong with the spacer I put in as it all worked great but after thinking about the type of daily driving I do, MPG's, and wear on the drivetrain I went ahead and...
  8. Flyer58

    Alarm recommendation

    I read today that someone in our county had their YJ stolen a few days ago. Does anyone use any hidden battery disconnects or car alarms? Sometimes a manual transmission is enough for today but I'm looking for more.
  9. Flyer58

    Jeep YJ seat bolts

    I mentioned in another thread about finally getting my seats out. The seat bracket which mounts to the floor has two flat head bolts which are welded to seat frame probably to assist with the factory installation. My problem is the threads just beyond where the nut screws on are badly rusted...
  10. Flyer58

    Get kids to that soccer game quickly

    2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT with a 475-hp V-8 that partners with an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. More in Car and Driver link:
  11. Flyer58

    What are you using for a jack for your YJ?

    My project YJ did not come with a spare tire or a jack. The spare tire I can find locally but what are owners using for a jack? Still have the OEM one tucked away under the hood? I don't have a lift kit but the previous owner put 31" tires on. What should I look for and where does one...
  12. Flyer58

    Driver's seat removal

    I'm trying to get the driver's seat out so I can weld in a new floor pan. One week an so far I have one nut off. Rust is ther culprit. Ugh.
  13. Flyer58

    Lock Box for the YJ

    What are y'all using to lock up items? Any permanently mounted lock boxes? I have nothing other than a plastic door on the glovebox
  14. Flyer58

    LED dash lights

    I'm finding the warning lights are 74, T5 bulbs and the gauge lights are 194, T10 Has anyone installed these? I'm reading some flicker. Any recommendations? Thx.
  15. Flyer58

    Has anyone replaced their exhaust?

    My exhaust seemed a little loud and found there must be a blowout near the catalytic converter. It must be under the heat shroud on top because I never saw it when the transmission was out. Not many places other than Quadratech have complete systems. My cast iron header is still ok for...
  16. Flyer58

    Transmission not shifting

    Another AAArrgh.. I just rebuilt my AX-5 and have put about 60 trouble free miles on it but now it won't shift into 2nd gear. It's like the shift lever is hitting a wall and if I do try to force it in it grinds. The other gears mesh smoothly. All new synchros and bearings and the gears...
  17. Flyer58

    Stuck steering drag link

    Wel I got the alignment done without any problem and now I need to straighten the steering wheel just a little but one end of the drag link isn't budging. Heat and oil yet nothing moves. I'll let it soak overnight. The previous owner torqued the bolt down to 500ft/lbs on that side. The...
  18. Flyer58

    Jeep Weekend in Galveston

    Looks like a ton of fun. Maybe next year I get there.
  19. Flyer58

    This weekend fender repair

    I had a strange rust hole on the inner fender well near where the horn attaches. It was patched years ago but it didn't last. I made a paper template then cut out the patch and formed it to fit over the fender, then tack welded it in place. Next, while holding the cutting wheel at about a...
  20. Flyer58

    Front Brake Calipers

    AAArrrgghhh. What started as a simple front wheel alignment and brake bleed has turned into a lot more. The front right caliper was easy to bleed and the fluid was very dark, probably been a long while. The front left is a problem. The dang bleeder screw is rusted solidly in place...